I recently got my first article published by the scrum alliance: in some contexts like lack of accountability in a company, shared responsibility is a great goal to achieve but you might want to have an interim goal such as “clear accountability” Shared responsibility within the scrum team is maintained at all time.

I have done a bit of research and found this great blog from Mike Cohn on shared responsibility with comments from Ken Schwaber and Esther Derby.

Our goal was NOT to create a RACI matrix that can be used by people – we did it to understand roles in the organization and clarified our thoughts. The output, the matrix, has little or even negative value if people don’t go through the process of creating such matrix. If once created, there is no real reason you have to keep this matrix. And, as initially mentioned, this is just an idea you might want to use depending on the CONTEXT your organization is in and what coaching style you might want to adapt.

Here is the matrix we came up to, if you wanted to read the article: