Based on Mike Griffins Agile Model (RMC Publications, Inc. • • 952-846-4484) and the project management framework defined by Jim Highsmith (Envision, Speculate, Explore & Adapt, Close out), I have merged both and have come up with this picture which is very very similar to Mike Griffins ‘ one adding a couple of ideas (added DoD, NFRs and Architecture) and references (, a great website) and “Liftoff” for Project Chartering.

One interesting thing in Mike Griffins’ picture is that, as I realised on my own projects, story mapping is great to build the big picture (including architecture, NFRS, deployment and test strategy hence use of story mapping a great to catpure those at a high level) and think about your whole product prior to diving into user stories and product backlog!

Project Management Big Picture