A agile project is still a project and information that covers a E2E project is still required. How this information is created and communicated will also depend on the framework used (e.g. Scrum) as well as the overall software development cycle and gates in place (I am following Jim Highsmith SDLC [Envision, Speculate, Explore & Adapt, Close out] and I have tried to summarize it here: the big picture )

Although in draft version, I am trying to see how a project plan can be easily created and how key information can be communicated. One could spend hours writing such templates as so much information can be added. The goal of this document is to cover areas the team will need to take care; not to do the work for them. An example is “As a team, have you considered non-functional requirements?”

In the spirit of agile and common sense, creating the project charter should be a team effort including stakeholders (based on Liftoff Launching Agile Teams Projects) and adding some (excel) tools  such as Risks Management and Milestone Slip Chart. I have also added the idea of aligning the design with user stories and testing (see also: https://christophelecoent.wordpress.com/2013/06/17/how-to-link-user-stories-ddd-and-bdd/ )

I will keep building over the Xmas period.

Here is a second draft including some excel tools: agile-project-plan-template-v1-2

This document includes Excel Milestone Slip chart tool,  Excel Risk and Issues management tool and Word Meeting Minutes tool (add actions, collect them in a table, set dates for you etc and I am quite happy to explain how they work.

(I have included reference to Lift-off and added a Scrum checklist).