I have been looking at different agile project management frameworks and, although they may look similar, once again, this is the approach and the way they reinforce agile values that makes the difference. You would expect agile values to constantly flow through the project. So this is not what you do but HOW you do it!

I like the picture by KeithRichardConsultants as this is quite a good presentation of how to drive a project – Below you will find more information on other frameworks:



DSDM Atern v2: Pre-project, Feasibility, Foundations, Exploration, Engineering, Deployment, Post-project

Combining DSDM with Prince 2 (whitepaper) – KRC Consultants

DSDM Agile Project Management Framework for Scrum v1.1: Pre-project, Feasibility, Foundations, Sprints, Assemble/Review/Deploy, Post-project

Jim Hinghsmith: Envision, Speculate, Explore & Adapt, Close out

What needs to add is a Governance model:



An interesting article on gated processes: stage-gate-process