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Agile definition

June 10, 2014

Everybody is talking about “agile” but hardly nobody agrees on the meaning? What is “agile”? I have tried to see what makes you agile and thought…

Common sense is key to success: without common sense, you get mindless chaos (Steve McConnel) and smart people will not stay round for long.

Common sense drives simplicity: you cannot solves issues you do not understand; you cannot make progress if your people don’t understand what directions you are taking etc

Simplicity drives values: you clarify the key values; what is really important and people is “something” you value more than processes and documentation

Values drive principles: once your values are clear, you set out principles to follow

From your principles, you establish and improve a framework driven by common sense and simplicity and that support your values and principles.



Agile Definition


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  1. Totally agree with the approach, often people get hung up on the practices because it is the easiest and fastest to copy or start. In the process they leave out the alignment, shared understanding and the purpose.
    I really like the way you put it all together. I would like to use the diagram above in a presentation to an internal audience in my organization (of course, making sure I attribute the credit to you for this picture).

    Let me know if you are OK with that.

    • hi Anu,

      Please feel free to use the picture (no credit required). If needed, I can send you the original one.

      Thanks a lot for your feedback!

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