christophe le coënt

I find it hard to change my mindset but I have to admit it changes my life


My LinkedIn profile is:

Articles published on the Scrum Alliance website:

(VersionOne added it to their November 2012 articles to read:

The group I have created on LinkedIn: simplicity in agile software development


What I can offer:

Based on common sense, simplicity and execution, combining agile principles, lean principles and simplicity principles:

Level Coaching (workshops, trainings,1:1, followups, audits) Who
Teams and Individuals – Scrum: framework and execution

– How to capture and write good user stories (INVEST and other tips)

– Estimation (planning poker)

– How to manage a DEEP product backlog (epics, themes, user stories)

– Agile test strategy

– Parallel Tracks for Agile and User Experience

– How to handle architecture

All engineers (UX, Dev, Test),

Scrum masters, Product owners, Business analysts, Test managers

Project Management – What is agile

– Agile software development life cycle (envisioning to closure)

– Risk management

– Project governance

– Planning

– Project manager’s role

– Change management: from « waterfall » to « agile »


Project managers, Test managers,

Line managers

Product planning – Program management

– PMO new role

– Architecture

– How to plan and synchronise multiple teams: « Scrums of scrum », big room day, community of practices

– Program governance


Program managers, Line managers

Organisational – Set up an agile transformation plan through the organisation

– Simplification as a value and apply principles

– Set up a scrum team to make changes happen

– « Multilevel » planning (vision, strategy, approach et execution)

– Change management




Business units, …


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Christophe, I too like your milestone tracker tool. Please can I have permission to use it? Also the config is restricted to 20 row entries, how do you change the number of entries allowed?
    Thank you.

  2. Hello Christophe,
    I stumbled upon your blog today and have found your ideas intriguing, and not dissimilar to the work that my business partner and I have been writing about. We’re in the throes of establishing a company to revolutionize consulting, bringing agile startups and specialists together to innovate for large, traditional enterprises. I am also based in Geneva, and wondered if you would like to connect to explore opportunities for collaboration?
    Lisa White

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